Hello and welcome to the inaugural Wax Press from Get It On Vinyl. You’re witnessing the birth of a revolution.We wanna start off this blog by telling you a little about The Wax Press, this website, and what exactly this revolution is all about.

It’s October 1, 2012, and were officially declaring war on the hierarchy that is digital music.

Now, when we say war, we mean exactly that. For too long, the powers-that-be convinced the consumers that digital is not only the best format to experience music, but that it is the standard. We are here to explain to you why this is an outright lie. We want to be clear that this is a belief that we both stand strongly behind, support, and we won’t be convinced otherwise.

With this blog, we will explain this war, introduce its enemies, and the people we’re fighting for.

First and foremost, our fight is not against the digital format itself, and we believe that digital and physical music can co-exist.

As music consumers, we’ve lived on all sides of the music formats. We’ve purchased records in the store, illegally downloaded, legally downloaded, worked as a musician, and studied music education.

From LP to cassette, CD, digital to streaming, we’ve seen it all. In the end we came to a crossroads. It’s 2012, and the era of convenience has robbed the future generations of some of the greatest treasures they’ve never knew they were missing: physical music and the independent recurs store.

This war has three main enemies.

#1.  The record labels. They’re by far the biggest contributor to their own demise.

#2. The illegal downloader. No amount of justification—none—will convince us otherwise that this is an outright theft and nothing more.

#3.  The blind consumer. In the end the consumers have the dollars, and their choices have—whether knowingly or not—have put the pieces on place to create this problem.

All right lets explain who were fighting this war for.

#1 The independent records store. With rampant illegal downloading and pressure from the big record labels, the independent records store has become the biggest victim of the digital era.

#2 The artist, the musicians, both those who fight the illegal downloading and those who support it have suffered from billions in lost revenue and drastically hindered their own creativity.

#3 Physical media itself, especially vinyl. The younger generations have been robbed of the physical music experience by downloading digital, and downplaying the need for actual ownership.

Both the enemies and who we’re fighting for will be explained in individual articles.

white-blackbackgroundFirst of all, let’s explain what exactly this website and revolution are all about. A little over a year ago, we began a discussion about our passion for music. Over the course of a few days, and with further discussion, we decided that we would open a record store. We both grew up in record stores and we know too well the current state of these great shops and know that they’re closing all over the country. Not letting the supposed writing on the wall stop us, we decided to take another direction, and created a record store that combined all the great things we loved.

Our record store would not be just a place to buy music, but a place to socialize, interact, and discover new music. It would be a place to have local artists come and play in store shows. It would be the center of all things local music and art. It would be a place that combined the best pieces of the record stores we enjoyed, and best of all share these pieces and prove to the public that the independent record store was not only a viable business in the community, but a necessity.

So in October last year we began the process to accomplish this dream. We invested thousands of hours in an extensive business plan. Lining up distributors for LPs, CDs, turntables, all other required merchandise, we spent thousands of dollars in used inventory and supplies. We even enlisted a university led team to conduct market research and focus groups who put in hundreds of hours of their own time.

It all seemed ready to go. We had a projected opening date, locations picked out. We even had business cards printed. The trigger was ready to be pulled.

Then the fucking bomb dropped. Our market wasn’t there.

How could this happen? The idea was good, the business plan was solid, but the Mp3-era generation was just not buying it. We are living in a digital era with millions of songs at our fingertips, where musical quality was raped by the need for conveniences, and where intellectual property is stolen millions of times a day. Like many communities, ours did not see the need for another independent record store.

How could these staples of a neighborhood, these temples of music just fade away?

We were devastated, disgusted, and most of all we’re pissed off. What the fuck happened to our record stores?

As we sat back, licked our wounds, listened to all those assholes who said, “It would never work,” gloat, we started wondering what to do next. We didn’t want to give up, but we knew we needed a new direction.

We decided to go back to the beginning.

Before ink even touched paper on the business plan, we wrote a mission statement and decided than that no matter what happened with our business, success or failure, we would remain true to that mission statement.

The mission statement was and still is:

To provide recorded music to the public while educating the younger generation about the importance of music, physical media and the unique experience that only a local brick-and-mortar record store can offer.

The new direction, was right there in that statement. We would refuse to be spoon-fed the idea that digital is the new standard for enjoying music. We would also refuse to stand back and watch as the digital powerhouse distributors continued to rip off artists and force the closure of those record stores we grew to know and love. We would become an advocate for the independent record store. We decided to fight.

That’s what this website is all about. Getitonvinyl.com is the home base of this revolution. Along with reviews of current releases, resources for vinyl collecting, blogs with videos and pictures showing everything from our favorite record stores to vinyl pressing plants, and, these weekly Wax Press Articles, and updates of the revolution and interviews with the people that are vital to it.

Welcome to the revolution!

We welcome your comments! Please email us at sideb@getitonvinyl.com.