The Dollyrots Play By Their Own Rules, and Win!

Sometimes you just need a great party album, the kind of album that you can turn on and keep the backyard barbeque guests entertained. The Dollyrots self-titled release is the perfect party album, but the only problem is, your party guests may be more interested in the music than the beer! “The Dollyrots” cannot be ignored! It goes far beyond catchy and fun, it’s flat out infectious! Just give me another dose!

Making full use of Kickstarter, The Dollyrots set out in fall 2011 of self-releasing their self-titled album on their very own Arrested Youth Records. They reached their initial goal in only one day, and went on to raise over five times that!  Any Kickstarter backer who has heard the album knows it was money very, very well spent.

The Dollyrots have produced their best album yet. Sticking to their signature pop-punk sound, the songs all have that great Dollyrots sing-along vibe, but all have a life of their own. Some are quirky and fun, such as “Twist Me to the Left” while others like “Hyperactive” and “After 2012” sound as they should be blasting in an arena as flat out rock anthems.

Kelly Ogden has one of the most distinct voices in music today. At times angelic, sometimes raw, her voice drives the music, and it is clearer and more confident than ever before. Her bass skills are as always, top-notch.

Guitarist Luis Cabezas once again handles the guitar and backing vocals expertly. He is versatile and changes gears quickly. From thrashing on “Starting Over Again” to the softer versed “South of the Border” he handles it all with amazing precision. It’s great to hear his harmonies brought to the forefront more in the mix.

This album is proof that amazing music can be produced when a band goes at it alone. No barriers, no rules, just strong musicianship. The Dollyrots not only delivered, but blew us away!

The Vinyl

The band remained true to their previous releases, and released a great LP. The band stuck with releasing colored wax (actually it’s clear) and it’s pressed on heavy 180 gram vinyl. The cover art is fantastic and our personal favorite of their releases yet. Sadly, no lyric sheet or additional pictures, but it sounds great, looks great, and best yet it is super affordable! The pre-release was only twelve dollars from the bands website. Also, for just a few bucks, they even took the time to personally autograph it. It is a great release for any band, and an exceptional release for a band doing it all on their own.

The Dollyrots are our featured artist for October and you can hear a preview of the album on our FreshWax page. You can buy the album from your local independent record store or the Dollyrots Website.