Hear the Walls is our first introduction to Naïm Amor. Reading up on him, we understand that he is from Tucson having moved from France in 1997. Since then he has had a wide range of side projects, film scores, and releases on different labels.

Hear the Walls is an album that certainly deserves attention. In fact, it deserves undivided attention. A quote from the album liner notes says, “When you turn the music off, you can hear the walls, the soul of one specific place, its nude ambiance that makes it so unique. This album fits the moment and the place when you decide to finally turn the music on again and…listen.”

Perhaps that is what is so wrong with music today. The digital domain has made music such a background occurrence that people are just not actively listening.

Lucky for us, Hear the Walls is available on vinyl, the format that forces you to listen, and when you do, you will hear something great. The second track “Turn the Magic On” is especially powerful. While Amor has the vocal rawness of Dylan, he is much more on key. While his songwriting is vague at times, it’s clear of his message. The lyrics in “In the blue Waters of My mind” are absolute poetry. While we unfortunately are not able to decipher the French tracks, they sound even more beautiful. Each track has minimal production, with the album being recorded in all analog. With stripped down guitar work, use of upright base, flute and string arrangements, each song has its own unique and subtle beauty.

The Vinyl
Released by our friends at Fort Lowell Records, the LP is pressed on thick red wax and comes with a digital download care. You can pick up a copy from your local independent record store or directly from Fort Lowell Records.