Joy’s Jams


I’m not going to lie. When my brother first started Get It On Vinyl I thought, “Really? Who listens to records anymore? This is going to be a flop.” As time went on, and waxcast after waxcast of him and Andy going on and on about how digital music is the devil and physical music is the only way to go, I just was like, “whatever.”
Maybe I was still subliminally holding a grudge against T.J. for stealing my record collection while I was in college. Maybe I just really love my iPod and the wonder surrounding a little gadget that can hold a gazillion songs to keep me motivated throughout my workouts and work days.

However, the other day “it” finally hit me. “It” being the glory, power and artistry of an entire album and listening to it from beginning to end. After so many years of only listening to my iPod on a random shuffle, I realized I missed the ebb and flow that comes from listening to an album from start to finish. I realized that shuffling from song to song kept me from hearing the hidden tracks, the artist’s diversity and the potential masterpiece that comes from a beautiful compilation of songs.

These posts won’t be album reviews, but rather albums revisited. My collection runs the gamut of genres and timelines. It’s not like you are going to read about the newest releases from me. Instead, it will be about the rediscovery of something awesome; something that prompted me to buy the album in the first place.
The albums I revisit will be rated on Joy’s Jam Scale of 1-5 stars. The scale has three factors:
Nostalgia: If I can’t remember why I bought the album:0-1 star. If the album brings back a memory so strong I can even recall smell and touch: 5 stars.
Air Guitar Ability: This is not just for righteous guitar riffs. It can also include drum solos or even a Styx air flute.
Sing Along Factor: Well, duh.