One would think that the best thing about reviewing music is limitless variety of music genres asking for our time. It’s easy to imagine a basement filled with records, emails overflowing with downloads, and PR reps asking us if we “have given the record a listen yet.” Those are all mostly true. We do have a constant supply of music ready for our stereo and we do our best to get to them all. However, one thing that is not entirely true is the idea that we have limitless genres at our disposable. At any time, we might have a few garage rock albums, something electronic, and a healthy dose of vinyl friendly indie rock. With that said, we do like something that really sets itself apart, and when a preview description says, “The album is along the lines of film music without the movie; a step back into the ancient world of Babylon, Greece and Egypt. The incredible exploits of the musical time traveler, Davutus, are legendary. With his trusted companions, Zyndal, the wizard, and Basio, his protector, Davutus encounters the strange and wonderful in far off and ancient lands. So, dim the lights, enjoy your beverage of choice, and with candles glowing, journey with him as he explores the uncharted realms of music and live the enchanted “Dream of Davutus,” it finds its way to the turntable quickly.

Take the above description to the bank. David Phillips In Ancient Times is not so much of a concept album, as it is the soundtrack to an epic journey. Each track sets the mood of the story, lovingly narrated by the LP liner notes. The album tells the story of three time travelers exploring distant lands and their numerous adventures along the way. We highly recommend reading the portion of the story to each track, closing your eyes and letting the music tell the story. Phillips use of the full orchestra sets a multitude of tones, from suspense, fear, uncertainty, peace and battle.

Phillips mastery arrangements make the entire album experience something to behold. The first half focuses heavily on the horns and percussion while the flip side opens the door to lush melodies of the wind and string instruments.

It is nearly impossible, and does the listener a disservice to listen to tracks individually. This album is the invitation to take the journey with the travelers and it’s not done until the candle has burned down, the last sip of Merlot is gone, and the needle lifts from the wax.

You can order your copy of the LP here.