About Us

Mission Statement

To educate public, especially the younger generation, about the importance of music, physical media and the unique experience that only a local brick-and-mortar record store can offer.


In the age of digital downloads, with millions of songs at your fingertips, something amazing has been lost, something we always thought would be there.

The Record Store

The convenience of visiting independent record stores has become limited, as these much loved stores close their doors due to the pressure of the digital download era.

Get It On Vinyl is determined to stop that. The digital powerhouse will no longer be the standard for listening, purchasing, or discovering new music.

Get It On Vinyl is the homebase to this revolution. By providing in-depth reviews, album previews, feature articles, and interviews with the people fighting to keep physical music and record stores alive, we will bring down the digital hierarchy and educate the public on why these things are so important.

The revolution has begun!

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